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Apps ‘N At

Apr 30, 2015 02:41PM ● By Larry Richert
More and more frequently, you hear people say, “There’s an app for that!” There seems to be no limit as to what the human mind can create when it comes to the phone and tablet program applications called ‘apps.’ Literally, there are thousands of free and retail apps that are downloadable onto your smartphone or computer device. Then, with a click of a finger, you are able to connect to some service that satisfies your need for information or entertainment.

You name it—weather, sports, news organizations, magazines, games, banking—there is an app for that. There are also dating applications, and more ways to connect to people than ever before in the history of mankind. If you feel left off of this social information highway and are looking to make it seem like you are more involved than you might be, there is a new app for that… or*

Apparently, you can sign up and create virtual friends who will fake text you, send you bogus photos, fake phone you and even write you snail-mail letters. You can even send in a selfie, and they will post it in a file that others can use to select you as their invisible other. You might wonder who would use this service. According to the company’s website, their clients want to convince others that they have another ‘other’ for a multitude of purposes. For instance, one young woman wanted to get a clingy coworker off her back by telling him that she was ‘dating’ someone. 

On the website’s home page, they describe a simple process of signing up and creating a personality of your new special someone, complete with how-we-met stories. Real but anonymous people on their end exchange texts, calls and messages with you. Here’s how they try and sell you their service: 

“As of now, both Invisible Boyfriend and Invisible Girlfriend are in the beta stages, and signups are now open. If you’re that desperate for attention or virtual companionship, head on over to the official site—just remember that once the first 10 free text messages are up, it’ll cost you $24.99 a month.” 

That monthly fee buys you 100 text messages, 10 voicemails and one handwritten note. I don’t know about you, but I’m trying to find ways to reduce all of that love from strangers. Besides, $24.99? That’s a lot of money for invisible friendship in my opinion.

The creators of do warn about the potential of falling in love with the invisible friend. They suggest that, “You deserve the love of a real person.” I really appreciate their concern.

With all of these crazy apps available, I would like to stake a claim for a group of Pittsburgh-related program applications…I could call them “Apps ‘N At.” This app could come with its own Pittsburghese translator and a downloadable navigation app that gives you directions to places that aren’t there anymore in the ‘burgh! 

Instead of having an invisible friend, maybe someone will create an app that makes certain people invisible who you already know. Get your list ready… there will be an app for that!