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Family at Heart of Beaver Valley Foot Clinic’s Success

Apr 30, 2015 02:39PM ● By Vanessa Orr

(l-r): Jeff Houk PA-C, Tiffany Jury, Dolly Montanaro, April Ritter, Marcia Fleis Hale, Christina Teimouri, DPM

When Tina Teimouri, DPM, was in medical school, her father passed away. At the time, as the oldest child, she made a promise to him that she would take care of the rest of her family—a promise that has since evolved into many of its members working together on a daily basis at Beaver Valley Foot Clinic, Body Beautiful Laser Medi-Spa, Advanced Vein Center and Advanced Liposuction Center.

“While all of us have different talents, we all work very well together,” she explained. “I think our biggest strength is that we believe in what we do, and we all want to help people. We want what is best for our patients.”

That belief took hold more than 20 years ago, when Dr. Teimouri first opened Beaver Valley Foot Clinic. “My mother, Delores, a registered nurse, literally watched over my shoulder to make sure that I treated every patient like family,” she explained. “And she was actually involved in the practice up until last year.”

Dr. Teimouri’s sister, Andrea, who was an X-ray technician at Allegheny General Hospital, also helped at the practice until she met her husband. “He stole her away,” laughed Dr. Teimouri of her brother-in-law, a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. “But now he also works with us, doing all of our patients’ cosmetic procedures.” One of Dr. Teimouri’s other sisters, Angela Gatenby, a writer, also works for the business, editing Living Body Beautiful magazine.

About this time, Dr. Teimouri’s three younger siblings were old enough to join the practice, and sister Marcia Fleis Hale, who was in high school, began working summers in the office. “Marcia is an artist, and not only is her artwork on the walls of every office, but she is also certified to do permanent makeup,” said Dr. Teimouri. “She does an amazing job of blending colors and making the make-up look natural—I’ve never seen anyone else do it as well as she does.”

Before joining Body Beautiful Laser Medi-Spa 10 years ago, Marcia, who has a fine arts degree and is certified as a teacher, taught at inner-city schools in Pittsburgh. When the economy began forcing schools to shut down, she fell back on her experience with the family business and became Body Beautiful’s first laser technician. “When I got married and started a family, I decided that I wanted more time for my children during their formative years, so I chose to step back and only specialize in permanent make-up,” she explained. Clients wanting permanent eyebrows, eyeliner and larger-looking lips benefit from her artistic background, as do those wanting scar camouflage and realistic-looking areoles after undergoing mastectomies.

The youngest in the family, brother Richard Fleis, joined the practice after earning a business degree from Slippery Rock University and working at another company, though he had actually been working with Dr. Teimouri since he was 15. “He started off helping me carry equipment into nursing homes, and now he’s running the whole place,” laughed Dr. Teimouri.

“I was working as a marketing director and an ESWT (extracorporeal shockwave therapy) technician when I decided to join Beaver Valley Foot Clinic in 2005,” he explained. “Then we opened Body Beautiful in 2008, the Advanced Vein Center in 2009, and the Advanced Liposuction Center in 2010, and now I am the administrator of all five companies, including our umbrella company, Pittsburgh Medical Mall, which means doing whatever it takes to keep the lights on and the doors open.

“While I understand that most families shouldn’t work together, we really make it work,” he added. “It’s wonderful to be able to trust the people you work with and to know that everyone is looking out for the interests of our patients and the business—it frees you up to focus on what you’re really good at.”

With Marcia busy raising her family, brother Mark Fleis stepped in to grow the Body Beautiful business. “Since Mark began managing Body Beautiful, it has grown 50-fold,” said Dr. Teimouri. “He is tireless, and he loves what he does.”

Mark, who has a master’s degree in education with a specialization in counseling, was used to working with patients on their way to wellness. Even now, he counsels clients to help them reach their goals. “We offer 40 of the most popular cosmetic treatments available, including everything from hair removal and tattoo removal to photo-facials and removal of spider veins, as well as Botox and injectables,” he explained. “We’ve gone from having one machine to over 40 of the top lasers in the industry.”

While Mark credits the company’s convenient locations, weekend and evening appointments, competitive rates and experienced staff for its success, he believes that being a family-run business has played a large part as well. “We all work very hard because it is how we were raised,” he said. “Our success didn’t happen overnight; it wasn’t a gift. We’ve all worked a lot of long hours to get here.”

Knowing that she can trust her family to take care of all of the other aspects of the businesses, Dr. Teimouri spends her time specializing in wound care and heel pain at Beaver Valley Foot Clinic. “We’re the only practice in western Pennsylvania to have an ESWT machine, which treats chronic fasciitis and heel pain, enabling us to help many patients avoid surgery,” said the board-certified physician, who also specializes in diabetic foot care, laser toenail fungus and sports injuries. “In our office, we also provide skin grafts, cold laser treatments, silver dressings and anything that patients would find at a wound care center at about one-tenth the cost.”

Coincidentally enough, among the members of the multispecialty practice are two twin brothers: Timothy Kavic, MD, a vein surgeon who works at the Advanced Vein Center, and Tom Kavic, MD, a radiologist. 

As for Dr. Teimouri’s promise to her father, “He asked me to take care of everyone, but they take care of me,” she said. “Actually, we all take care of each other.”

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