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Dr. Michael Vactor Provides a Safe, Sustainable Way to Lose Weight by Resetting the Body’s Metabolism

Jan 30, 2015 04:01PM ● By Vanessa Orr

Dr. Michael Vactor, DC, with wife Dr. Lisa Vactor, DC, son Ethan, daughter Danielle, Front Office Assistant Maddie and Practice Manager Teresa.

 If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you know how difficult it can be. You might have tried diet after diet without seeing any results, or even lost a few pounds, only to gain it back. Maybe you’ve tried to exercise, but end up discouraged after a couple of weeks at the gym with no movement on the scale.

Every year, you make a resolution to finally shed the weight—but instead of a resolution, what you really need is a plan that works.

“For a long time, it was ingrained into my head as a doctor that the only way to lose weight was to eat less and exercise more, but for a lot of people, that presents a real challenge,” explained Dr. Michael Vactor, radio personality, author, doctor of chiropractic, natural health care advocate and weight loss expert. “Everywhere you turn, there are gyms and pills and diets—yet 69 percent of the adult population is still overweight, and that number goes up every year.

 “Research shows that most people only make it about three days on a diet for two reasons—first, they’re always hungry because they’re used to consuming large amounts of processed food, and second, because they’re not seeing results. It’s hard to have willpower when the scale isn’t moving.”

To help these patients, Dr. Vactor created a four-pronged program that enables users to lose between a half-pound and two pounds a day. The program, which is customized to each client, works by balancing hormones in the body naturally, removing toxins in the body on a cellular level, balancing the body’s pH level, and raising metabolic levels through a healthy, alkaline-based food management program supplemented by natural lipotropic drops.

“When I attended Dr. Vactor’s workshop and heard what he had to say, I realized that this approach made total sense,” said Dr. Richard Rafferty of the Disc Institute of Pittsburgh, who lost 47 pounds in three months on the program. “I wanted a safe and healthy way to lose weight, and it was exciting to realize that this was a plan that would actually work!

“I’d tried a lot of different things to lose weight—I ate right, I exercised, I worked with a personal trainer, I even went gluten-free, but none of them worked,” Dr. Rafferty added. “Then I tried Dr. Vactor’s program and I started seeing results every day—there’s no better feeling than watching that weight come off. It really fuels your momentum and determination.”

Because the plan provides a healthy way to lose weight, many medical professionals refer their overweight patients to Dr. Vactor, as well as take part in the program themselves. “Of the more than 2,000 people who have lost weight on the program, we’ve helped more than 100 nurses, a dozen doctors and several pharmacists,” said Dr. Vactor. “Because there are no stimulants involved, we are also able to help people with more serious health problems like diabetes or heart disease.”

Rick Olin decided to start the program three years ago after having a quadruple bypass. “I tried everything there was to lose weight, but even if I lost it, I’d gain it back almost instantly,” he explained. “This was the simplest thing I ever tried, and it worked! And it’s still working! I lost 55 pounds in 43 days, and I’ve kept it off for three years.

“I have way more energy these days, I’m off all of my medications, my bloodwork is all good, and I sleep so much better,” he added. “It’s been a dramatic change. The biggest thing is that I feel good about myself—it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.”

There are many reasons why Dr. Vactor’s program works, including the fact that it is easy to follow and involves real, high-quality food. More importantly, it is sustainable, because people learn what foods to eat and what foods to avoid in order to make permanent lifestyle changes.

“Initially, like anyone else, I was skeptical,” said Patti Massa, who lost 68 pounds in a little over five months. “When I was told that I could lose a half-pound a day with no exercising, I said, ‘You’ve got to be kidding.’ But I followed the program to the letter—and the numbers on the scale started to drop immediately.

“It wasn’t a struggle at all,” she added. “You learn what trigger foods and emotions cause your body to gain weight. I tried all sorts of programs before, but they never showed me that part of it. Now I’m working with my body instead of constantly fighting it. I feel wonderful—and I get compliments all the time!”

“People are skeptical and uncertain—they think, ‘Why would this work for me when all of these other programs haven’t worked?’” agreed Dr. Vactor. “And that’s why I enable people to come preview the program with no obligation. They will be given the tools to lose weight, reset a new metabolism, and learn how to keep the weight off. We do all of this all without using drugs and no exercise is required.

“Empower yourself and take the time to come in.”

To learn more about Dr. Vactor’s program, call 724-742-2700 or visit

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