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North Hills Monthly

In This Issue, Aug. 2014

Jul 30, 2014 10:11PM ● By Vanessa Orr


Patient Education and Community Service Motivate Owner of Francis Audiology Associates
For the past eight years, Dr. R. Patrick Francis has educated hundreds of patients about the benefits of better hearing. Read more 


Tips for Alleviating Back-to-School Stress
It seems like only yesterday that kids were rejoicing as they celebrated the end of another school year. Read more 


Graduation Projects Benefit Students and the Community
Graduation projects could become a thing of the past. Read more 


Innovative Products Key to Student Entrepreneurs’ Success
Several local students have demonstrated their business acumen by turning good ideas and interesting products into money-making ventures. Read more 


PA Legislators Considering School Emergency Epinephrine Act
There are many reasons why a child with severe allergies might need access to epinephrine. Read more 


St. Anthony School Programs Promote Inclusive Educational Environment
With autism spectrum disabilities on the rise, more of our nation’s children will be exposed to people who have special challenges in life. Read more 


Mars Students Raise Money To Fund MIRA Dogs for the Visually Impaired
Mars Area Centennial and Middle school students raise funds to help their friend and classmate. Read more 


Summer Heat Can Lead to Winter Woes
The memories of last winter’s horrors have finally faded, and now we’re starting to long for a few cooler days and evenings. Read more 


Parents Can Check In on Babies 24/7 through New NICVIEW Webcams
Bringing a baby into the world is undoubtedly one of the most exhilarating, exhausting and emotional experiences on earth. Read more 


How Does the Tourism Industry Benefit Pittsburgh’s Communities?
Where’s the best place for a vacation or a convention? You’re likely already there. Read more 


Cindystock Festival a Fun, Relaxing Way to Raise Funds for Cancer Screening and Support
Cindystock is a labor of love for the Yates family, who not only raise money for cancer charities, but help individual families as well. Read more 


August is a Great Month for Celebrating Pittsburgh’s Homegrown and Adopted Heroes
We certainly have plenty of native-born sons who have given us lots of reasons to be proud of our local heritage. Read more 


From World War II to the Great Bull Run, One Weekend is Not Enough in Greater Reading
You could have heard a pin drop... a voice came over the PA system singing the national anthem, and time froze. Read more 


Why wasn’t the White House called the White House when it was built?
When the White House first opened in 1800, it wasn’t called the White House. Read more 


First Annual Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival Aims to Inspire Creativity
Sisters have teamed up to offer Pittsburgh its first interactive Creative Arts Festival. Read more 

Digital Edition, Aug. 2014