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How Many Men Have Walked on the Moon?

Jul 01, 2014 12:59PM ● By Charles Reichblum
This month marks the 45th anniversary of the first time that humans walked on the moon. Image title

It was on Sunday, July 20, 1969, that men first landed on the moon and took those historic steps—and there is an amazing coincidence connected with that.

The crew of Apollo 11, which put the first men on the moon, consisted of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. Their last name initials are A-A-C, for Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins. The Biblical first men on Earth were Adam, Abel and Cain—also with the initials A-A-C. Now, that’s something interesting to think about.

After that first successful flight by Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins, there have been 10 other men who have walked on the moon. Those 10—all Americans—were Pete Conrad and Alan Bean in November 1969; Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell in February 1971; David Scott and James Irwin in July 1971; John Young and Charles Duke in April 1972, and Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt in December 1972. There has not been another moon landing since December 1972.

Alan Shepard’s trip to the moon has become memorable because he snuck a golf club and some golf balls onto the spaceship. He became the first person ever to play golf on the moon when he hit some golf balls to see how far they would carry in the moon’s atmosphere.

Harrison Schmitt, one of the last two moonwalkers, is the only one of the 10 to reach a high government office. After his flight, he was elected to the U.S. Senate from his home state of New Mexico. He served in the Senate from 1977 to 1983. Astronaut John Glenn was also elected to the Senate from Ohio, but he never made it to the moon.

There has also been an astronaut from Pittsburgh, although he never landed on the moon. He is Jay Apt, who attended Shady Side Academy as a youth, and he is now a professor at Carnegie-Mellon University.

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